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Pooler's Ruler is a Patent Pending Under the Cushion Aiming Calibration for Billiard/Pool Tables. Pooler's Ruler tucks neatly under the cushions out of the way from the balls in play yet remains completely in your line of sight. Especially when you're in the crouched shooting stance and the seemingly 'mile wide diamonds' on the rails have disappeared from view leaving you to guessing. Now you have calibrations for your calculations and accurate aiming in plain sight.

Welcome To Pooler's Ruler

With Pooler's Ruler you can perform precise calculations to execute your bank shots and kicks with bravado! Having Pooler's Ruler in full view at the cushion's contact point radically changes the reality of where you're aiming. It never made any sense to me to be aiming at widely spaced diamonds that are placed 3 or more inches behind the actual playing field perimeter. You're supposed to aim at a target, not behind the target! This is a game of geometry and physics, and Pooler's Ruler puts the geometric reality in plain sight. Pooler's Ruler opens up a whole new world of possibilities for you to become a Ruling Pooler!

You Can Choose the Way You Tuck Them Under the Cushions

    Under Cushion Vertical "L" Positioning

         Under Cushion Angled "A" Positioning

Welcome to Pooler's Ruler Online Store
We Offer 5 Different Sizes for the Most Common Tables

Make Sure to Double Check Your Table's Measurements Before Ordering!!!
No Refunds or Exchanges

The Pooler's Ruler Story

Pooler's Ruler is a creation of chance, destiny, fate, or whatever else one may believe. I'd walk my dogs every day at the State Park not far from where we live. For a couple of years, I'd always exchange waves with a bicyclist I'd see as we were both 'doing our thing'. We finally got to meet one day when he was stopped on the trail removing a tree branch that had bounced up and got entangled in his spokes. His name is Jim. About the 4th sentence out of his mouth was "Hey, you like shooting pool"? I replied "Heck yeah! I haven't shot in quite a while due to the pandemic and all, but I've got a cue, case, and all the accessories". We traded information and that's how I started shooting pool in Jim's basement on his 9-foot tournament sized table that he's had for 20 plus years. During one of our 'sessions' we got to discussing the understanding, comprehending, using, and drawbacks of 'The Diamond System'. I lamented that there must be a better way, which set my mind to seeking! First attempt was 6 wooden sticks with black magic marker lines and dots. Too distractive visually against the green felt. The light-colored wood 'jumped out' of the normally shadowed space under the cushions. Painting them wasn't a viable option as there are too many different felt colors which would make for an inventory nightmare. We needed something 'universal'. My light bulb lit up and proclaimed - clear plastic! Welcome to Pooler's Ruler! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that my friend Jim and I both used 'tape measures' to earn our livings for over 50 years each! So, Pooler's Ruler was born out of chance, destiny, fate, logic, or whatever else one may believe!

George C. Johnson


63 Shenandoah Way, Lochbuie, CO, USA


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